sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

Don´t be evil

Estou lendo o livro que conta a história do Google.

Uma das coisas que mais admiro lá é a forma como eles encaram a empresa e o relacionamento com todos que a cercam.

Dá só uma olhada nisso, que veio do site de IR deles.

Google Code of Conduct


"Don't be evil." Googlers generally apply those words to how we serve our users. But "Don't be evil" is much more than that. Yes, it's about providing our users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them the best products and services that we can. But it's also about doing the right thing more generally - following the law, acting honorably and treating each other with respect.

The Google Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put "Don't be evil" into practice. It's built around the recognition that everything we do in connection with our work at Google will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct. We set the bar that high for practical as well as aspirational reasons: We hire great people who work hard to build great products, and it's essential that we build an environment of trust - among ourselves and with our users. That trust and mutual respect underlie our success, and we need to earn it every day.

Não é maravilhoso?

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